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Hyphen aims to answer the eternal question – What do employees want?
"We collect this goldmine of data and provide our ‘customers’ management teams, HR teams and managers with powerful alerts, reports and analytics (heatmaps, trends, alerts, sentiment analysis, benchmarks, etc.) that help them understand where and what about the hot topics in the organization and help them with prioritised action plans"
    - Ranjit Jose     more...

Startups in HR Let Workers Have Their Say
"As companies struggle to find qualified workers, employee satisfaction “is a lightning rod” right now, and they are looking for software to help them diagnose and address problems faster and smarter"
    - George LaRocque     more...

Employee Feedback Is The Killer App
"Employee Feedback Is The Killer App: A New Market Emerges - Our research shows that a new approach has arrived: open, anonymous, employee feedback. Just as customer feedback has transformed the customer experience, employee feedback is transforming the employee experience."
    - Josh Bersin     more...

Engagement and retention are just as important as recruiting
"Companies can engage, survey and understand the needs, interests and feelings of their employees in real time so they can make meaningful and quick change. I really love this technology. The traditional employee survey process takes too long and doesn’t quickly facilitate organizational change."
    - Jessica Miller-Merrell    more...

Employee Feedback Is The Killer App
"While positive comments and reviews are all well and good, you can’t solve a problem you don’t know exists. And surveys aren’t always the best way to elicit truly honest — and helpful — feedback from the people who matter most to your organization: your employees. Cue Hyphen..."
    - Heather Huhman    more...

How to Give Anonymous Feedback the Right Way
"Wise leadership wants to know what people are thinking. More and more companies understand that the future of feedback is employee-driven, anonymous, mobile-first and real-time."
    - Suzanne Lucas    more...

Hyphen Review by Tim Sackett
"Most executives complain about the filtering of information that makes it to them. But, Executives can easily use Hyphen to get real time feedback on anything. I love this! "
    - Tim Sackett    more...

Hyphen Review by Heather Huhman
"Keep everyone happy by making your office extrovert-friendly"
    - Heather Huhman     more...

Employee Engagement & Anonymous Feedback covergae by BusinessOFeminin
"Employee feedback is generally collected and analyzed through satisfaction surveys driven by HR. But it is non uncommon to have sub-50% participation levels and to communicate results to operational managers several months later. In today's world, issues at work must be dealt with much more rapidly."
    - Arnaud Grunwald     more...