About Hyphen

The leading mobile employee voice and engagement platform

Having previously been entry-level employees, team-leaders and executives, we know how important it is for a workforce to be engaged. At Hyphen, we prioritize mending the disconnect between leadership and employees--all because we believe that a happy, satisfied and engaged workplace is a productive one.

In delivering you and your company an effective solution to increasing employee engagement, we hope to increase your company’s happiness, retention, and efficiency. Executives and HR leaders with better information, more opinions, and regular feedback are better decision makers, and what gets said and what’s left unsaid can make all the difference at your company.

We hope that you will join us in our mission to create a culture of being heard at work! Get Hyphen for your employees by clicking here to sign up!

The Team

Arnaud Grunwald, Co-Founder & CEO
Arnaud is originally from France and grew up on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. He has been a successful intrepreneur and management consultant since he arrived in the United States more than a decade ago to attend UC Berkeley. He has served as head of global analytics for a Fortune 500 company, driving innovation in enterprise software. In his downtime, Arnaud enjoys being a DJ, making art and traveling.

Ranjit Jose, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer
Ranjit grew up in India and came to the U.S. as an undergraduate student to study Electrical & Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He also holds a joint MBA from Columbia University and the University of California, Berkeley. After spending a few years as a software engineer at various Silicon Valley startups, he moved on to leading sales and marketing teams. When he is not evangelizing the importance of listening to employees, Ranjit takes time to read, travel and play poker.